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We value our patients' experience at Family First Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kip Mayo
Your New Braunfels Chiropractor

        I have been going to chiropractors off and on for many years but only when my back was hurting to a point where I had trouble walking due to the back pain. I’ve had a bad back off and on for as long as I can remember so I was anxious to find permanent relief. I started going to Dr. Kip about 2 years ago and after several months I was put on a maintenance program, initially twice a week and months later, once a week. Since I’ve been on the maintenance program, I’ve had no regular issues. These regular visits also have other benefits due to discussions with the Dr. and office staff and info on the “health T.V.”

-Ron R.

    I have been coming to see Dr. Kip for almost a year. I started coming in because of my back pain but I wasn’t really sure what chiropractic was or how it could help. Today I feel I have a much better understanding and that chiropractic is a very good and necessary asset of healing. My back pain is not so severe now. It feels better, and when it does begin to hurt I know what to do to make it better.  The kindness and understanding of the office staff give the whole experience a calming and reassuring vibe.

-Joycie G.

        Our family has been coming to see Dr. Kip for 2 years. We came in initially because Julie was having severe shoulder pain along with numbness in her arms. She thought it was linked to a problem in her neck. Brian suffered from migraines every few months. We didn’t know much about chiropractic care before. We’d had some in the past but never on a regular basis. I believe our family is healthier as a result of chiropractic care. In fact this year has been the healthiest year for our family with no sickness other than colds and Brian experiencing fewer migraines! We love the staff, of course, and the affordable care plan allows our entire family to receive care.

-Brian K. and Family

        Why do I like and depend upon Family First Chiropractic and Wellness? That’s easy! It helped change my life. Lots of us live with headaches right? Allergy induced asthma, knee pain, foot pain, limping… Not Necessarily! Who knew bulging discs could send me to the emergency room 2 times in one week? Debilitating migraines, nausea, tingling and numbness in my hands, severe dizziness, fever, falling as I walked… The Doctors said the CAT scan, x-rays, blood work, and spinal tap all showed nothing to cause these types of symptoms. We began asking for suggestions. I wondered, “Why me? Why now? Didn’t I just change my entire diet and even start riding a bicycle? I’ve lost over 30 lbs. and I’m not anemic anymore. Doesn’t that count?”  My nutritionist told me to try Chiropractic care and my hubby already knew Dr. Mayo… It didn’t take long to realize my hips were not aligned; I had uneven gait and a straight neck. After only a few weeks I knew this chiropractic wellness would do MORE than just help. With chiropractic, major dietary and lifestyle changes my neck was “freed-up”. One and a half years ago my health and body suffered. Dr. Mayo’s family wellness plan is working. His desire for a complete and balanced life (along with my nutritionist) has translated into a healthier ME. I’m proof the process is worth the effort. Thanks for showing me how to complete that process.

-Pam K.

        I began receiving chiropractic care 15 years ago in California because of a back injury. I’d always feel better but the pain continued off and on. Then 6 years ago my husband and I moved to Texas and a wonderful Chiropractor was recommended. When she closed her practice a bit of panic set in as I began to look around. Finding Dr. Kip was a godsend and I saw him regularly for almost a year before my husband decided to join me. We’ve noticed in the past 2 years hence that we’re virtually pain-free because of our continued weekly adjustments. We enjoy learning more about health with our discussions with Dr. Kip and from his offices “health T.V.” Laina and the office staff are always upbeat and enjoyable to be around. This is a practice where everyone works together for the benefit of patients in an atmosphere of joy.

-Candice R.

        Following my motorcycle accident in 2006, I regularly sought chiropractic help whenever I was in pain after aggravating my herniated discs. I was always told that I need to be more proactive by treating the problematic area BEFORE aggravating it, but for years I continued to more reactive in my approach to chiropractic care. In early 2013 I was having lunch with my pastor and we were exchanging stories about our back issues. He told me that he was seeing Dr. Kip. Shortly after that day I met with Dr. Kip for my personal evaluation and we decided to start a proactive plan of adjustments twice per week. As a small business owner, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make the time commitment necessary to make this truly work for me, but I was willing to give it a try. It’s now been a year and a half since I originally started seeing Dr. Kip, and I can honestly say that the program has worked out great even with my sometimes unpredictable schedule. The friendly staff, monthly payment plans and Dr. Kip’s sense of urgency to be respectful of your time have made them very easy to do business with, which in turn has improved my health as well. Before seeing Dr. Kip, my back would completely go out leaving me virtually immobilized about once per quarter. Surgery seemed to be in my very near future. Since starting on a regular maintenance plan with Dr. Kip the flare ups have been far more infrequent and I have been able to put off surgery indefinitely. A big Thank You to Dr. Kip and his team for helping to improve my overall quality of life!                                                                                                                                      

                -JP K.

        I have been under chiropractic care for over 15 years in 4 different cities. I feel that consistent chiropractic has kept me moving more freely, enhanced my busy lifestyle and prevented additional medical care for long term symptoms.

-Susan E.

        I have been coming to Dr. Kip for about 16 months now. I started coming to him initially for hip and joint pain that was really beginning to interfere with my life. I really enjoy running and try hard to stay as healthy as I can. I don’t think the key to health is following any specific thing like diet, exercise, etc. but rather it is about a combination of all these things. I am a speech-language pathologist by profession and truly was skeptical of chiropractic initially (but I attribute that to a lack of knowledge on my part). I have gone to Dr. Kip on a weekly basis and it has really changed my life. It makes so much sense if you think about it; your spine is what holds your body together. It is also the “railroad” for messages to be transported from one place to the other. If your spine is not healthy or not “on track”, then there is going to be a problem. I no longer have hip pain and my joint pain has decreased. I truly enjoy going to Dr. Kip. You aren’t just his patient but someone he genuinely cares about. He always has a smile on his face. I would highly recommend Dr. Kip and his wonderful team to anyone who wants to better their health!

-Jennifer P.

        Our family has been seeing Dr. Mayo for over a year and a half. We first brought our 6 month old son in to help with his colic and reflux. After a few short months all signs of his colic and reflux had completely disappeared. I myself have had issues with neck pain and headaches. Once I started seeing Dr. Mayo both issues subsided. Our overall health has seen much improvement. We would be lost without our weekly adjustments. I recommend to anyone who has a baby to start getting them adjusted as soon as possible as well as anyone who wants to improve their overall wellness. We are so thankful for Dr. Mayo and his team.

-James and J.J. P.

        I have long known about what chiropractic has to offer for improved health and wellness.  When my family and I moved to New Braunfels a year ago I began looking for a chiropractor.  Dr. Kip came highly recommended! I love the Family First approach:  chiropractic as whole body wellness and they welcome all in the family.

        In December, each of us got the flu, but Family First worked us into the schedule multiple times over the course of the couple weeks and we bounced back.

        In February, however, my six year old daughter has what we thought was an allergy turn into her first asthma attack over the course of a weekend. We took her to the emergency room.  After a couple of breathing treatments they still couldn’t get her oxygen up, and she was admitted to the hospital for two days. We had a pediatrician who was willing to let us delay the antibiotic - something none of my kids has ever had.  We were told by the respiratory specialist that she would be on a daily inhaler, and we were given another inhaler for emergencies. We went to see Dr. Kip the afternoon we were discharged and talked through options for chiropractic care. A few days later we visited our old pediatrician in Dallas, who has always been a big proponent for chiropractic and natural remedies.  Since February, Dr. Kip always makes sure that the nerves connected to Margaret’s lungs are functioning efficiently and work her in extra through the week when she has any breathing problems. She hasn’t taken the daily inhaler since we left the hospital, and she has only needed her ‘rescue’ inhaler once or twice.

        Then, blessed to be in a growing family, I started getting morning sickness in August. With my previous pregnancies I was knocked down HARD with nausea, but it just was not an option with three busy kids at home. Through all of my knowledge and experience of the health benefits of chiropractic, nothing has been a bigger affirmation than my first trimester of pregnancy! Though I have had nausea, it is not nearly as bad as it has been in the past, and is drastically improved in the days following an adjustment!

        The staff at Family First Chiropractic is great, our care is of great value for us, but most of all I appreciate Dr. Kip’s contribution to my family’s health!

-The Dugan Family

        By two years old, Wyatt had had surgery to put in ear tubes and had been given more antibiotics than I had in the last 15 years, all to fight a simple childhood illness: chronic ear infections. In the last six months of seeing Dr. Kip, he has not had a single ear infection.  I can't say enough how much peace it has brought to our family to not have to shoot (literally) our baby full of antibiotics every 3 weeks. I feel like we owe Dr. Kip so much!

-Heather, mother of Wyatt age 3

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